Hypnotic Identity

With VK, Hypnotica, and AZD. 

AUG 8 AT 12:30 PM – AUG 9 AT 3:30 PM PDT

Until you identify as being capable and deserving of what you want, doesn't matter how bad you want it, it will elude you or at best stress you out and eventually come short!
We respond not to what we desire, we act base on whom we think we are! And who are we really? It's easy to succumb to the endless judgement that we and others have placed on ourselves!
Sadly, as a grown up adult, a totally capable person, unless they were told consistently through their upbringing and schooling that they were incredibly intelligent and super bright, as much as they consciously know they want it, will act not base on their desire but their sense of self!
Now before you assume it is not the case for you, know that these manifestations are subconscious, and the mind as you know is a rather complex, intricate machine, and even when we know we should change our sense of self, by yourself it will feel like a jigsaw puzzle.
That is why I am gathering with my colleagues legend Hypnotica, with decades of mastery of reprograming the unconscious, and AZD, the Diamond Mind, and myself, voted best Hypnotist in America in 1998, to help you go beyond you have been able to go on your own, to be certain your sense of identity supports the goals.
During these two incredible days via streaming plus you get the recording afterwards, so even if working, you can still join, we are going to assist you to finally eradicate all remaining imprints of a false sense of you, no more underestimating yourself based on
prior limited perceptions.
AND this will serve in all areas of your life as we'll also help you with META IDENTITY.
This is the core, and even if you think you already think highly of yourself, why keep it at that?

Not sure, ask yourself what do I think of myself and ability to succeed, is it only super flattering and propelling me forward?
So give yourself that gift, your learning, living, loving, earning, enjoyment abilities totally depend on it!
First 10 (zero exceptions) get in for just $93, for 3 world class teachers, 2 entire days, and the recordings after, CRAZY, SEIZE IT NOW!

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